"The Puzzle" is a new beautiful, elegant and simple tool for your performances.
A perfect aesthetic prop for close up or parlor space 
 A powerful symbolic piece that you can add to your repertoire.

"The Puzzle" feature not one but THREE different routines that you will learn in the exclusive eBook.

And best of all... the design is 100% customizable (both in pyrographed design and size!) to your own needs (just ask us before ordering if you have a specific request. The one from the picture is 12x12 cms. )

In the exclusive eBook you will learn:

1. Completion: 9 wooden puzzle pieces are shown. Only one is selected, which is the only one that is needed to create the mysterious climax.
2. Missing Piece: Five participants on stage, each one receives one puzzle piece. A frame shows a covert surprise. 
Other member of the audience selects one of the participants, which has precisely the needed piece!
3. The Puzzle Act: A full 15 minutes act using "The Puzzle"  along with other common extra objects that you already have, all self-contained in one velvet bag.
4. Extra Ideas with "The Puzzle"

With your order you will receive
1. "The Puzzle" main Square Puzzle
2. 9 Blank Square pieces

• • •